Betrayer of Soul Society

Betrayer of Soul Society
Aizen Sosuke

Sunday, December 28, 2008

animes and christianity =O

the espadas with aizen as their leader
the heroes of soul society

hahahahah i went to this christmas party juz nw and this uncle was sharing a message about God send his son to earth to die for our sins and since his son reads bleach(pics above) he somehow had the idea that can relates us to this animation story and our the anime now the heroes are fighting againts the ex-captain of the soul society which construct the espadas to fight againts the soul society.every espada has a hole in there body and each of their hole is place at very different places a very very big hole on their body.he said those are the holes that is keeping us away from God we need to fill them up to patch back the blacken big hole.i was suprise that he reads animation and understands it cz his son is obsessed about the animation ahahahahah cool father =D

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